IT Solutions

Educom provides end-to-end solutions that support the technology needs of end users including businesses, educational institutions and government agencies.

 We supply and install a range of Servers, Desktop and Laptop PC's for every need. From the small office user to the power user we find the best solution for you. We use well established brands to deliver the best value to you . 



Interactive Systems

Teaching and Learning through Interactive solutions is made easier using our range of Interactive board .We supply ,install and support some of the leading manufactures of interactive solutions . combining this with our extensive range of projectors and other AV equipment means learning opportunities are maximised for students



Presenting Solutions

At Educom we work with the leading manufactures of Interactive learning products to help education professionals turn learning into a vivid sensory experience with images, animation, music, and sounds.

Today, our solutions can support every level of educational need from individual teachers, to large scale procurement for new educational projects. These solutions can help the presenters to students to participate and retain the material being presented.

We work with schools, colleges, state bodies and teachers to provide advice and resource materials to improve learning outcome

Educom Support

Educom Support team are ready to assist with technical problems you may have . Our remote support team will troubleshoot the problem and if necessary support staff will be dispatched to resolve the issue

Educom Sales

From single PC to full client Server solutions Educom can meet your organisations IT requirements.

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